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A belt is a big part of our daily dress routine, and it’s safe to say, that 99.9% of us have at least 1-5 belts in our closet. However, how many of those belts would you consider being “the perfect belt?”   

“Finding the perfect belt”, or the “belt experience”, is an experience akin to finding “true love”. You know it’s out there, but always illusive, just out of reach. Some of you may be luckier than others, but the rest of us; it may be a never-ending search.  


Sometimes you think you found the perfect belt, only to realize it’s anything but…. they can get moldy, become riddled with holes, never the right fit when you gain or lose just a bit of weight, bulky and boring, you name it.  


Belt cost a lot of money and take up a decent amount of space, especially when they aren’t the right fit, or have too many problems. Ordinary belts have lots of problems. It can also be a hassle; so many of us simply settle for wearing inferior belts and ruining their image and personality without ever realizing it. What a tragedy!

I have set out to correct this tragedy. No more settling for an inferior belt!

The MIN Belt is the "True Love" you have been searching for! The belt that no one thought existed. A minimal, modern design, that is stylish without flamboyance, and yet offering the perfect fit! 


Just one MIN Belt, you can replace all the other belts in your collection. A design that is suited for work or play, from tailored suits, to hiking. You got it. 


We realised that we were fed up with ordinary belts, which are prone to numerous problems. The world needed a new kind of belt, so we came up with a brilliant idea. Our extraordinary belt design was crafted with these five concepts in mind:  

1. Minimal and Inspiring

2. Simple, but stylish and meaningful

3. Unique buckle mechanism and belt strap material

4. Solution to all common belt problems

5. Very durable


This was the beginning of "MIN Belt".

The MIN Belt, features a unique, patent-pending buckle design, that is both versatile and highly functional. The buckle is created out of a single piece of stainless steel, transformed through laser cutting, forming, sandblasting, and a jewellery-grade PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) finish.  


The MIN Buckle has a unique, simple, and elegant design, that functions as a 2-tier clip, holding belt strap in place.

The "M-I-N" typographic design buckle is made from special stainless steel, featuring a matte finish, followed with jewelry-grade PVD color coating that is both strong, and beautiful: the perfect finishing touch, to your everyday outfit. 

The belt strap itself, is very important to the overall feel of the belt you choose. It is also where most problems lie.  

We have researched, tested and experimented with many belt strap prototypes.  

Finally, we developed our unique belt strap material, which has a great feel, beautiful colors, great texture, as well as being extremely durable. It has to be very comfortable to wear, and must be a perfect match for the MIN Buckle.  

The MIN Strap is 35 mm-wide premium-grade polymer-based coated webbing that is super durable and water resistant. The strap has a texture that is similar to leather, but 10 times more durable. You will immediately sense the superb strap quality and texture from a distance, and the overall feel will be summed up in just one word….”Premium”.

MIN Belt features a minimal design without holes, flaps, loops, or any unnecessary stuff. It is a simple combination of the MIN Buckle and the MIN Strap. Together, the MIN Belt fixes all of your typical belt problems. It offers a new belt experience with plenty of benefits over ordinary belts. You no longer need so many belts in your closet from now on!

The MIN Belt is stylish and looks stunning with any outfit, allowing it to be mixed and matched with any dress code for any occasion.

Wearing the MIN Belt is also quick and easy.

The MIN Belt is interchangeable with many other possibilities, meaning that it is open to your creativity. Varieties include original, reverse, short tongue, upside-down, double, and more options. The options are limited only by your imagination.

The MIN Belt is also designed to last for a long time. People will immediately feel the quality of the MIN Belt.

The MIN Belt is water-resistant, as the buckle is made from top-quality stainless steel, which is highly resistant to rust and corrosion. The MIN Strap can be cleaned, but it is also rugged enough for use in extreme conditions.

The MIN Belt has been tested under regular usage every day for almost a year, and the results are phenomenal. The MIN Strap remains intact without any kinks or cracks, unlike most traditional belts. This proves that the MIN Belt is not just stylish but also super durable.

Frequent flyers in particular love how the MIN Belt helps to tidy up their suitcase. Packing multiple MIN Buckles is also incredibly easy!

The MIN Belt is also TSA-friendly, meaning that you don't need to take the MIN Belt off completely. Simply take the buckle off and then put it on later after passing through the security checkpoint at the airport.

The MIN Buckle has two slots. Slide one end of the MIN Strap into the front slot of the MIN Buckle to attach them together. You can put on the MIN Belt in two unique and simple steps.